Monday, April 30, 2007

April Review / May Goals

April Review:

Stich Bent Creek: April Snapper *done*
Stitch another Shepherd's Bush Ornament for the SAL *started it yesterday, should finish in the next two days*
Stitch USEBB Potting Shed exchange *finished on 4/15/07*
Put Stitches in the Mermaids *about 1 hours worth*
Put Stitches in Old McMary's Farm *nope*
Finish stitching the Cannon Beach piece *finished on 4/17/07*
Finish Jessie's quilt this week! *still need to add some more to it, but haven’t*
Finish the blocks for my Blue/Yellow log cabin quilt *completed*
Finish cutting squares for the Trip Around the World Quilt *completed*
Make the birthday block for the exchange, this one is for me :D *nope*

This month I got my 3 May birthday blocks done and mailed out, I finished and mailed one of my PIF gifts, did JBW Pumpkin, LHN Blueberries and finished my Carpenter’s Star and my mom’s quilt as well! I say it was a great month :)

May Goals:

Buy fabric for the Neigborhood RR! Ack, this has totally come up fast. I also need to get my part done, along with the borders on it, so it can be mailed out the first of June.

Stitch the May Bent Creek Snapper

Stitch the Shepherd’s Bush ornament for the SAL

Put stitches in the Mermaids

Put stitches in Old McMary’s Farm

Finish the Jayne’s Attic RR and mail it off *done May 9th, 2007*

Finish my friend’s gift *done on May 19th, 2007*

Finish Kristie’s baby quilt *done May 17th, 2007*

Finish Kassidi’s baby quilt *done May 17th, 2007*

Work on my cousin’s trip around the world quilt, get another 1/3 completed

Make my birthday block

I could add more… but won’t. I like having these goals. It helps me a lot to not get so sidetracked :)

*finished Trilogy: Family, started Wave Quilt, finished LHN Pumpkins*

Thanks for all of your comments that you leave, you are so great :D I’ve learned a lot from all of you. And you’ve helped me build up confidence to try new things, and to do more! Thank you for taking the time to post on your blogs, and to comment here on mine. I love it!

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Wendy said...

You sure do get a lot of things done! Great work!!