Sunday, April 29, 2007

Potting Shed Exchange and Birthday Blocks

Thank you for the birthday wishes everyone, you are so nice :D I've been enjoying the weekend. My husband and I went on a fun date Friday night we ate at The Cheesecake Factory and then went to the mall and Barnes and Noble. I picked up the books Pride and Prejudice and the Golden Compass (all 3 of them), we really enjoyed the evening.

Saturday was spent cleaning up the house and doing chores. We have been remodeling our living room, so it seems we have to run to Home Depot every other day to pick up one thing or another (kind of like me and my projects) lol! So, I'll be sure and take photos when it's done. Right now it's 1/2 way done and looks like a mess :D

I've been busily working. I finished an exchange, and will mail that soon. I received my Potting Shed exchange from Goldie! She stitched me a small needlebook and sent a great box of goodies. I was so spoiled :)

I also got all of my birthday block exchanges complete for May. I still need to make mine. But I am waiting for all of my blocks to get here first. I got 6 so far, about 10 more need to arrive. Here are my May blocks :) I like the maple leaf block the best, I am tempted to make a table runner using these fabrics and about 4 of the blocks.

Lizzy! The Shepherd's Bush stash I ordered were two of the fobs that come with matching scissors and two of the Americana neederolls. I am so excited! I may do a fob first. I've been eyeing them all for so long, I just had to order them :) The gatherer's like you mentioned are so nice too. I have those on my "must have" list to buy someday as well. We all need more time to stitch don't we! :D I wish that could be my job :D


bunnyhead said...

What a cute needlebook! And the quilt blocks are amazing!

Carol said...

Oh no! Happy Birthday!! How did I miss yours??? So sorry!!! I did get your PIF finished this weekend and DH is posting it this morning for you - keep an eye out :-) I love the needlebook Goldie made you!! {{hugs}}

Judith said...

Happy birthday a little bit late. I missed it. Your blocks look great and what a nice exchange you received.

Barbara said...

Cheesecake!..... Mmmmmmm.

But back to earth! I love the exchange you received - how adorable! And you will love the Pullman books - we have that trilogy too, and have re-read them a couple of times. Philip Pullman really is a fantastic author, imho. ;)

Lizzy said...

Oh, I do love the SB scissor fob kits!!! You know almost all of them are on my WL... LOL Which one's did you order? Have you seen the new one? I just love those scissors! :-) We'll have to order one of the *Gatherers* and have a SAL with one or all of them! LOL

I just love the needlebook Goldie sent you, Heather! The colours are gorgeous! And all those goodies she sent along are great!

Glad to hear you had such a lovely birthday, Sweetie! My dd's dbf took her to the Cheesecake Factory for her birthday back in March and she loved it! :-)