Sunday, May 13, 2007

Birthday Gift from Carol & Silver Falls Hike Pics

Here is another gift I received from my birthday that Carol made for me :) She knows I love Shepherd's Bush, and thoughtfully made me this cute little biscornu! Isn't it so sweet?
Last night my husband finally came home after about two weeks of straight traveling for work. So he told me today he wanted to take us all up to Silver Falls State Park. I was so excited! I've been bugging him to take me there for the "waterfall hike" for at least a year now. So, after an hour drive we got there, and did the 5 mile - 3 1/2 hour hike. It's an easy hike, with graveled paths the whole way, and you see 8 huge waterfalls, most over 100 feet high. If you took the longer hike which is about 8 miles you see two more waterfalls. We opted for the 5 mile hike. Maybe the longer one we can attempt next time! So you start at South Falls which is 177 feet high and you can actually walk behind. I just have to say it is just beautiful. Everything is blooming and a vibrant green. It was so refreshing! Here is our little hike we took today.

It ends with us driving out of Silverton, and me finding the excellent street sign! It just makes me laugh! I want to live on this street!

What a great way to spend Mother's Day :D I hope all of you Mothers out there have a wonderful Mother's Day too!


Dawn said...

The biscornu is stunning! Love the waterfall pictures:) Glad you had a wonderful day!

Barbara said...

That's a beautiful biscornu. And those pictures are ... stupendous!!!

Carol said...

I'm so glad you like the biscornu - and, I am so happy your DH is home now!!

Von said...

What a perfect Mother's Day! We'll have to try that hike one day. :)

Carol's gift is just wonderful!

Lizzy said...

Oh, what a lovely day you had with your DH and children, Sweetie! Thanks so much for sharing the beautiful piccys! :-) And I'm glad your DH is finally back at home with you!

Carol's biscornu is sooooo beautiful!!!! Honey, I'm just sitting here drooling! ;-) I know you must be tickled *pink*! ;-) I would be... even more so than usual! :-)


tkdchick said...

Carol makes fantastic biscornus!

What a beautiful hike!!! I'm jealous we hav nothing like that around here!

Leena said...

The biscornu is SO beautiful! I love looking at your photos from the hike, thank you for sharing!

Patti said...

Silver Falls is such a beautiful place. I've not been there for years and years and my husband has never been there. Maybe that's a day trip we should make this summer. I can't remember whether or not they have a camp ground there. If so we could camp. We aren't going to Mt. Rainier this year because there is still so much devastation from all the rain last fall.

Have you been to the quilt shop in Silverton? We stopped there once a few years ago on the way to Black Butte. What a wonderful shop! And a great tearoom just around the corner.