Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Family WIP

At work today I “borrowed” my boss’s camera and took a picture of my new WIP :) Since I get to stitch a bit at work, I thought why not snap a picture? I started stitching The Trilogy: Family. I really like these small designs… can ya tell? LOL!

I’ve been bad in the evenings as far as being productive goes. Because I bought the book The Golden Compass by Phillip Pullman. I just could not put it down, it was sucking me in! I was even dreaming about it at night! So, if any of you like a good fantasy story, that is clean (great for older kids!), and full of wonderment, and just fantastical. Go and read this book. I am eagerly awaiting tonight to start the sequel to this book. I bought the whole trilogy last Friday as one of my birthday presents :)

I mentioned yesterday I dropped by Acorns and Threads, my lovely needlework shop that I just adore. I am always looking for excuses to swing by. They all know me by name, and know my kids too! :D It’s great isn’t it? So, I had picked up this pattern it’s called Harbor Lights by Hinzeit. They have SO many great ones I want to stitch up. But then I’d have signs all over my house! :D So, I finally went with this one for now. My LNS has their trunk show there, it’s awesome! Well, I bought all of the floss for it, and thought maybe I’d start this in the next few weeks.


Cathy said...

Acorns and Threads seems like a really cool LNS - you are so lucky to have it close by!

Anonymous said...

Your new WIP looks really cute!

Barbara said...

I'm gasping at the thought of how my manager would react if I asked to borrow his camera to take a picture of my latest WIP. They already think I'm so strange at work. LOL! I love this project, btw!

Vonna said...

Ohhh...your new WIP is great! And you are right Heinzit has so many signs that are really neat and cute that I too would have signs all over my house :)
I like your choice!

Lizzy said...

OH, I love Harbour Lights, Heather!!! We really would be dangerous together in an LNS!!! LOL

I've got that Trilogy design in my stash and really need to stitch it up... Yours is so very beautiful!!! You are an inspiration, Sweetie!! :-)

I'll have to look for the Phillip Pullman books... I love fantasy and have not read these yet... Thanks for sharing, Hun! :-)