Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Autumn Quaker Exchange for Amy

I was happy when I had received Amy’s name for my exchange partner. She does such beautiful work! Fall is one of my most favorite seasons. I love the warm colors of reds and oranges that are all over the trees. The cool, crisp air. The harvested apples, going to the pumpkin patch. So much fun! I found a simple quaker design from a freebie. I then wandered to my LNS and searched for the perfect fall thread. I found a great one, made by Needle Necessities.

I made her a little needlebook:

I then found the perfect fabric to match! Nothing like when a plan comes together. :)

She says she loves it, and I am thrilled! :D Enjoy Amy.

Also in time for the fall season I finished my LHN: Pumpkins into a cube. I decided to give it to the woman who takes care of my kids while I work. She is fabulous, sweet and so great to my kids. She also loves to decorate for the seasons, so it fit right in with her décor. She was very happy to get it yay!

So for church we have an evening for the ladies. It is every quarter, and we have to put on some sort of activity for everybody. I am in charge of all this, and have a lot of help of course. This year is a Fall Celebration. We had signups for soups and desserts. Then we are talking about favorite traditions, making some cute seasonal blocks, demonstrating how to make caramel popcorn balls, and tying quilts for families who need them. It will be a fun evening, and it is next Thursday. My evenings will be taken up in planning this, so I am not sure how much of my own things I’ll be working on :D I am excited for this night though, they always turn out to be so much fun. Here are the blocks we are making, my friend and I are teaching everyone how to do these.


Yuko said...

Lovely exchange! Congratulations!
It's really beautiful.
And I love your Pumpkin cube, it's also really lovely as seeing your finished one, I really want to have time to stitch autumn things!!

tkdchick said...

Everything is beatuiful! Love your needlebook!

Barbara said...

You made a gorgeous needlebook for Amy. It was fun to read in her blog how excited she was by it. :) And the blocks you're making for the church activity are so CUTE! :D As is your pumpkin block finish. Yay for autumn!

Cheryl said...

The needlebook is gorgeous - the floss colour and the fabric is perfect! Love the cube as well.
We have a ladies night at our church too, the 2nd monday of every month. Sounds similar to the one you have. They are great fun

bunnyhead said...

I love your blocks and needlebook!

And the mermaids look GREAT! You're so close :) I can't wait for you to finish!

Vonna said...

Everything looks so great :)
I love the needlebook you did for Amy :) SWEET! And the blocks...CUTE :)
I hope you have a successful party at your church! Sounds like fun!!!

Carol said...

You did such a beautiful job on the exchange for Amy!!!! And your cube is so cute too!

Leena said...

Autumn is my favourite season too and I just love the colour you chose to Amy's needlebook, it's wonderful! The cube is so pretty too!

Jaimie said...

Beautiful exchange! I'm sure Amy was thrilled! I love the pumpkin cube too! So cute! Have fun with your church activities!

Linda said...

What a wonderful stitcher you are, the needlebook is so sweet....and the mermaid is just beautiful.

I just started stitching again after several years of not doing any and I'm enjoying getting into it again.

I found your blog from Teresa's, I'm pretty new to all this blogging too. I love meeting everyone and the exchange and sharing ideas. Quick question --- I'm having problems posting multiple pictures, how are you doing that. Any help would be so appreciated. Linda

Dawn said...

The needlebook is gorgeous! The pumkin cube is too cute:)

Sonda in OR said...

I love the colors on that needlebook! Nice job!

Marie-P said...

Hi the Needlebook, cube and blocks. I don't know how to make a cube????? but I love them!
A little FYI: Did you hear that Needle Necessities is going out of business? I really like their threads!
Also, love the fabric on the needlebook. Will look for that in my LQS (local quilt shop :-))

CraftyT said...

I love how your needlebook turned out.Do you think you can give me directions on how to make one?
I have a PS Fairy that I stitched for an exchnage and I have been racking my brain trying to figure out how to finish it.
I would appreciate it :)
Thank you