Monday, October 01, 2007

September Review, October Goals

A review, for my records anyway… this sure helps me keep on track!

September ReviewWork on the Four Seasons *no*
Finish 2 Shepherd's Bush Ornaments *yes*
Work on Grandma's Log Cabin *yes*
Stitch 2 Shepherd's Bush Ornaments *yes*
Finish Debby's NRR and mail it to Von at the end of the month. *yes*
Stitch September on the Bent Creek Snappers *yes*

This month was kind of not productive for me I thought. I did get a lot of random things done…

Other things I did this month: finished the Trip Around the World Quilt, Started the Pumpkin quilt, helped my sister with her quilt, tablerunner and potholders, made 4 birthday blocks.

October Goals

1. Work on the Mermaids of the Deep Blue. I want to get these done I have made myself a deadline, November 15th. I have to get the Mermaids done! These are a gift for a good friend, and we might get to see her for Thanksgiving, if we do, I want it done to give to her then.

2. Find chart for next NRR, and start it.

3. Stitch October on the Bent Creek Snappers

4. Work on the 4 Seasons

5. Work on Grandma’s Log Cabin quilt

6. Work on Pumpkin Quilt

7. Put binding on Ocean Waves Quilt

I have more I’d like to do, but there are a few things this month that will take some of my evenings. So… I won’t plan any more goals :)


Edda said...

Time really flies doesn´t it. It is October already. I´m looking forward to seeing your work in October. Hope you have a lovely day.

Marie-P said...

I should do as you do and write my "to do list" ~ you probably accomplish far more this way!
Hope all is well :-)

tkdchick said...

YOu did very well with your September goals! Best of luck with October!

MysteryKnitter said...

Sometimes it is better not to set too strict goals. Life may surprise.