Thursday, November 01, 2007

Happy Halloween! And some goals...

I hope you all had a really fun Halloween! I’ll post some photos of our party we had on Friday night. Almost everybody who came were good sports and dressed up! We wrote on the invites that a costume was mandatory, I am so glad we did because it was a lot of fun to see everybody in costume.

Here is our clan, I was a witch, Mark a surgeon, Jessie a fairy, and Curren a Ninja.

We had a Rubic’s Cube:

Hippies! (they won the costume contest)

A flower garden, complete with flower, tree and butterflies:

There were more couples too, it was great. I hope to do this again next year, and we have more ideas for games and whatnot. I loved it! Trick or treating was nice too, the kids got a lot of candy, and I've already confiscated several Snickers Bars :)

I’ve been stitching away on Rob’s NRR, it is looking good so far. I chose a rather involved chart to do for her, it’ll fill in the whole block. I’ll post pictures of it soon :) I started Bittersweet Farm by Hillside Samplings too, I am doing this one at work, I’ve made some thread changes on it to use what I have at home already, so far so good. More pics soon!

Oh yes, since it is already November (holy cow!) I’ll do my goals too:

October Review
1. Work on the Mermaids of the Deep Blue. *I finished them!!!*
2. Find chart for next NRR, and start it. *yes & yes*
3. Stitch October on the Bent Creek Snappers *yes*
4. Work on the 4 Seasons *no*
5. Work on Grandma’s Log Cabin quilt *yes, finished the blocks*
6. Work on Pumpkin Quilt *no*
7. Put binding on Ocean Waves Quilt *yes, it’s done!*

This was a good month, I had a few big finishes I got to cross off, it felt so good! I also started a few new projects, The Cape and Bittersweet Farm, finished two stitcheries & LHN: Berries, and finished one of my Christmas exchanges

November Goals

1. Finish Rob’s NRR
2. Work on Bittersweet Farm
3. Work on The Four Seasons
4. Finish Grandma’s Log Cabin Quilt top
5. Work on Pumpkin Quilt
6. Make Fall Tablerunner
7. Finish Christmas Exchange Ornament

There are other things I want to work on too, we’ll see how far I get on any of them :)


Vonna said...

What a fun party! I love the Rubik's cubes and the Hippies were great too...and your family were cute as buttons as always :)

Marie-P said...

GREAT pics! What fun everyone must have had at this party.
your "family" picture is wonderful~

congrats on your monthly accomplishments!

Anonymous said...

It looks like you had a very fun Halloween. Ours was a bit mellow since our kids are all almost grown but we have one child (15 yrs.) left who is keeping the spirit alive, I will post pics of her soon on my blog. I want to say thank you truly for the comment you left on my blog, it was really nice and made me feel really good.

Barbara said...

What a fun party!!! :D

Good luck with your upcoming goals. You did a great job with October's!!

Cathy said...

The party looks like a lot of fun! Such clever costumes.

Jaimie said...

Great Pics! Looks like you had a fun time at your party!

Lori said...

rofl, I love the bloodied arm on the doctor!

Cheryl said...

I love your Halloween pics! Looks like you all had fun!

Jenna said...

Heehee, what fun photos! It looks like everyone had a great time. :)

Teresa said...

Thanks for the pictures. Love the costumes. It is nice to see families doing things together.

On your October 3rd post you pictured letter blocks that you were teaching a group how to make. Would it be possible to show how they are made? If you don't have time now maybe in the future. I think they are pretty and just wondered how they are made.

Good luck on the goals!! :)

Old Yankee Stitcher said...

Great pics thanks for sharing

Mindi said...

There were some wonderful costumes at your party! You did a great job on your October goals, good luck on November.

Anonymous said...

What great costumes. Everyone looked like they were enjoying themselves. I am so glad it was a great party. Thanks for sharing.

Carol said...

AWESOME costumes!!