Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A Very Merry Christmas

I squeaked out one more gift for somebody in my family last week, and I am not telling who it’s for. Anyway, it was fun stitching this. I changed the colors to use some Needle Necessities floss that I have on hand. It stitched up really fast, and so I may do it again. I like the design a lot :)

JBW Designs: A Very Merry Christmas
32 Count Bone Linen
Needle Necessities Floss

I am working on some Christmas tablerunners right now, that I know won’t be done in time, but they can be saved for next year, and it also doesn’t put me in a panic to finish them by next week. So, I’ll share photos of those when I make more progress on them. I got most of my Christmas shopping done, and man that feels good! We have just a few more things to get for family members and we’ll be ready. I am going to mail out my Christmas cards tomorrow (if I can finish them tonight) and that will make me a happy camper for sure!

Here is our huge Christmas tree. Mark says it’s 11 feet x 11 feet! I think he’s right. It’s really bushy. We love it though, and it makes the house smell so good. My sister got their tree last weekend, and she said theirs is 16 feet tall, holy cow! That is one big tree :D She has got me beat.

Thank you for your encouragement on my goals for next year, you are all so nice. I hope that I can stick with them and get some of these lovely things done for myself, I am pretty excited about it. I didn’t add my quilting goals to it, quilting seems to go differently for me than cross stitching… so I will just try my hardest to use what I have at home for my quilts :) I am too addicted to fabric to say I won’t buy any until certain things are done, I just can’t do it, I’ve tried LOL! It’s my vice I suppose. All things in moderation I say.

Good luck getting your preparations for Christmas done, I know you all will need it :D Have a great week!


Bliss said...

Wow, that's some tree! I'm in awe. I put mine up yesterday & now feel I should stow it back in the garage. LOL. I guess it's the difference between a real one and a plastic from Kmart. Few Australians do 'real' trees any more, particularly if one lives in the north.

Thank you for sharing your stitching over the last year. You have been an inspiration.

I wish you and yours a Merry Christmas and a New Year filled with love, happiness & laughter.

Vonna said...

That is so pretty...you did a wonderful job finishing it! I've not seen this design before...it's a stunner :) As is your Christmas tree...that's a stunner too! Beautiful!!!

Von said...

Whoa - what a tree!! How nice to have a home large enough for a tall tree. Our house has only 7.5' ceilings because it was built with radiant ceiling heat. I like to think of it as cozy, lol! But I often dream of the wonderful feeling of space and volume. :D

Barbara said...

That's just a picture-perfect tree - I love it!!! :D Your new ornament is also very pretty - great job! Like you, the table runner I'm making probably won't be done this year, but it'll be a pleasure to use it next year. :D

Myrna said...

Your Christmas stitching is darling! I had not seen this design before.

And, your tree looks great!

Have a great Holiday!

Cathy said...

Your tree is beautiful. It's a good thing you have nice high ceilings!

Michelle said...

Your tree is beautiful - and HUGE!! Our ceilings aren't that tall, so we had to go with a relatively "short" tree. I love seeing how other people decorate theirs though!

Cheryl said...

Love this ornie! I have this in my stash and want to stitch it...probably not in time for this year though.
Pretty tree!

Dawn said...

The ornie is beautiful! Great stitching:) Your tree is really pretty,too!

Anita said...

The ornament is so pretty. I thought it is a JBW design though, but I could be wrong. Great christmas tree, very pretty.
Merry christmas to you and your family.

Kathy A. said...

That is one beautiful Christmas tree!! Mine is under 7 feet and it is outside!! I was so excited that I could do that this year.
Thanks for sharing all your beautiful stitching and quilting this past year.
Thanks again to the amazing Curran for his great skill in drawing my name,
A very Merry Christmas to you and your entire family

Jenna said...

That's a great design and you did a beautiful job stitching and finishing it! I love your tree. Merry Christmas!

Sharon said...

Lovely tree! I love your finish-very pretty!

tkdchick said...

What a beautiful finish! Your tree looks great!