Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Another House built

I was able to finish Margaret’s NRR this week. I really like how it turned out, her neighborhood is so pretty. There are a lot of big houses on it :) Mine looks like the gazebo and garden to them LOL! I used the G is for Garden chart from Prairie Schooler. I had to laugh because Margaret just stitched this on Rowyn’s NRR this go round :D At least I know she likes the chart for sure :) I get Dani’s Fantasy NRR next, and I already have big plans for it, I am excited!

I’ve been working off and on stitching Old McMary’s still. Also I’ve been working on my Star Lights quilt. Last night I went to the church and we started our Carpenter Star Quilts. I was able to get a little bit done on one of them. It was fun seeing the fabrics everybody got to make their quilts, so many good ideas!

I really want to get a Q-Snap quilt frame. I am hoping to get one for my birthday next month. I have so many quilts I need to tie, and it’s a shame they sit unfinished in a box. This quilt frame appeals to me because it’s pretty small when it’s set up, and can be taken apart to store in a closet. I have 3 that need to be tied! My blue and yellow log cabin, my Holly Jolly Christmas quilt, and my Block of the Month quilt.

I was good this week, I finished the backing for my pumpkin quilt, and added on one more border to it. I got the pumpkin quilt and my grandma’s log cabin quilt off to the quilter’s house this week! I’ve been wanting to do this for a few MONTHS now, so it’s about time. Getting the NRR done was a big deal for me too. I’ve felt so swamped with things, it was a weight off of my chest to have these accomplished. :)

I am going to finish up my SBEBB Garden Exchange now, I only have a border stitched on it, so gotta get cracking! :) I am having a hard time staying on task. I think I need to make a list :D

Finish Garden Exchange by end of April
Work on Old McMary’s at least once a week
Work on Snapperville at least once a week
Work on The Four Seasons
Make baby quilt for friend Lori
Make baby quilt for friend Jennifer
Finish sewing squares on Star Lights Quilt

Why do my lists keep on getting longer???? Auggghhhhh!

The Four Seasons has been on my mind a lot lately, I think that means I need to stitch on it. I really don’t have much left on it… there are other commitments I have to make first though :)

Mark and I get to go on a date tonight! I am looking forward to it. We’ve both been so exhausted at night we just do our “chores” like feeding kids, cleaning house, chasing the dog, doing homework, laundry, running errands etc etc etc… and I feel like we haven’t even been able to talk much, so it will be a good night. I wish you all a Happy Easter this coming Sunday.


Vonna said...

Have a GREAT night and my DH are going on a date tomorrow'll be FUN!
Your RR for Margaret looks stunning...PS is one you can always count on :)
Go for the Q-snap stand! You deserve it :) I can't tell you how happy I am to have gotten my Needlework Systems 4's heaven :)

Barbara said...

Happy Easter to you, too! And enjoy that date! Niek and I used to do that, too, till our babysitter got a 'real' job.

Your block on the NRR is gorgeous - congratulations!

Nic said...

Your NRR block is lovely - and so's the puppy :o) Happy easter!

tkdchick said...

That hosue is lovely!!!

Itching To Stitch said...

Great square for Margaret's RR ;)

Cheryl said...

The RR looks great. Im looking forward to seeing what you stitch on Dani's!
Great picture of the dog!

Carol said...

I love your addition to the neighorhood. And your dog is getting so handsome!!

Jenna said...

It really does look like a gazebo in the garden. I'm sure it's the perfect addition to the neighborhood. :) I hope that you and Mark had a wonderful date night. It can be tough to connect at the end of a long day. Good for you two for getting out!

Lennu said...

The RR looks very pretty, what a wonderful design! Oh and Sunny is so cute, I just love all the photos you've posted of her :)

Michelle said...

Beautiful finish on the neighborhood! Doesn't it feel good to get some things done - it really takes a weight off!

MysteryKnitter said...

Lovely stitched house and lovely dog.