Friday, June 13, 2008

F&S from Jill

I received a great F&S package from Jill yesterday. She stitched a little quilt! It is so sweet. Everything in the package is “quilt” related, and I just love what she sent. I will use all of it in many things I am sure. Jill, you are so thoughtful, you put a lot into this nice package, thank you so much. Now… what to finish it as?? :D
So, this week I’ve been stitching the F&S exchange for Jill, almost done now :) And I’ve been tying my Holly Jolly Christmas Quilt. It is so adorable. Mark asked me why I’m working on a Christmas quilt in June… well, so we’ll have it for Christmas time of course! Men don’t understand. I just finished tying it last night, so I hope to bind it over the weekend and get it done. That will feel good. I haven’t finished a quilt off of my long WIP list for awhile now.

Tomorrow I am making strawberry freezer jam with my girlfriends. I am so excited. I only have 2 jars left in my freezer. It gets used fast around our house. And for those of you who think making jam is hard… you are totally wrong. Freezer jam is very simple and inexpensive, and it tastes 100% better than the store stuff. I was shocked at how much sugar is required to make jam, but I suppose that is why it’s so good! :) If you want to try it out, you should, it’s not hard I promise you.


Barbara said...

Hey, have fun making that jam! YUM!

Kendra said...

I can't eat store-bought preserves anymore after having eaten homemade for so long. Last year was the first year I made my own from our own is *super* simple! I've made 2 batches this year so far, with more to come...we just need to wait for the stores to restock the SureGel!

Rowyn said...

Great F&S exchange.

Yes, that's the scarey thing about baking etc - you see how much sugar, butter etc goes into these things!

CraftyT said...

The squares she stitched for you are darling. Very you :)

So please tell us how do you make freezer jam? I have a TON of starwberries I just bought from a roadside stand on my way back from the beach wednesday.
((HUGS)) and Happy Stitching