Monday, March 02, 2009

March Goals

I’ve been humming along on Shores, I am over half way done on my third block. I hope to get it done this week. We’ll see if that happens! I haven't even thought about any other cross stitch projects since I started working on this, it's very addicting. Did you see Giovanna’s Shores? She finished it this weekend, you must go and see. It is beautiful.

I was working on quilting my sister’s baby quilt yesterday and ran out of the thread I was using, so I have to get to the store and pick up some more. It is turning out so adorable! I want to finish this this week as well.

At JoAnn’s I picked up a new book called Jelly Roll Quilts, it’s a GREAT book! I don’t even own a Jelly Roll, but that is okay. I have lots of fabric to make my own Jelly Rolls :) I want to make some of the quilts out of here soon. Check out this book if you are looking for a good variety of quilt patterns.

I was so lazy/unmotivated in February that I didn’t even do goals! I’ll try again this month :)

February Review
Stitched one block on Shores of Hawk Run
Worked on Nikki’s Quilt
Made some tablerunners, but need to add binding

March Goals
Stitch one block on Shores of Hawk Run
Make a Jo Morton mini quilt
Finish tablerunners for my bedroom
Make 3 Abby’s treasure box bags
Start quilting Cherie’s quilt
Finish Nikki’s baby quilt


Jeanne - WillowTreeStitcher said...

It seems that Feb flew by in a flash didn't it? Your baby quilt is really cute - looks like maybe you made it from a charm pack? Congrats on your finish! I have about jelly rolls - love them but have yet to use one of them for a quilt! I like that jelly roll book too.

mainely stitching said...

Can I have a second chance at February? Please?!

Linda said...

February did fly by. And I wish I had accomplished as much as you did in your "lazy/unmotivated" month...

Craft-i-leigh said...

I was just looking at some of your finishes, great stuff! I am new to the world of stitching and have been browsing various blogs to try and gain some knowledge and get some tips / ideas. I originally started with a stamped, then counted “kits”. I’m working on my 2nd chart and have noticed some big differences in floss types and quality.
My Cross Stitch Mentor has told me that I’m ready to graduate from Aida, but I really like Aida. Maybe it’s just beginner’s comfort???
If you would answer my question… What type of fabric or fabrics do you prefer and why? Brands and counts?
I would appreciate any advice, thanks!

Karan said...

Good Luck with the goals. :0)

Brigitte said...

Oh yes, February was short for me, too. Particularly because I had a week off, and weeks off seem to pass even faster than normal working weeks.
Thanks for mentioning the book about Jelly Roll quilts. I don't have a Jelly Roll either but I have ordered the book anyway.