Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Decorating Jessie's room

Quilt #1 is done being quilted as of last weekend (yes!). I need to bind it and start on the next quilt, which will be pretty much the exact same thing. I've got lots of things bouncing around my head right now, so I'm going to write them out here, your help is needed :)
Question: How in the heck do I paint furniture... the correct way?

Answer: I Googled it of couse!

Here was my favorite tutorial I found, and look at her blog, so pretty! RomanticHome
And another good one: YoungHouseLove
Now, I need to get to the store this weekend for supplies. It's going to be a lot of work, there are several pieces of furniture to paint. Work does not scare me! :) I have decided to paint the furniture a soft white.

Question: What COLOR do I paint the bedroom? I am thinking a soft butter yellow. I can't get on board with a tan/nuetral beige color for the room. The ceilings are vaulted, and so anything dark or vibrant it out. What do you think?

Question: I want lots of pillows, for her bunk beds and for the floor, for a reading corner.
Answer: I plan on making some, but I found these two cute ones on this weekend, what do you think?
Hello, peacock pillow, yes please!You guys, this is way too much fun!! Why didn't I start sooner??? Feel free to send me ideas, I'd love to hear them. Any cute wall art you can think of? Light fixtures? Throw Pillows? Wall Colors? Help!


loulee said...

My DD has stacks of cushions and pillows on her bed too. Once upon a time I recovered her head board with coordinating fabric.

Jennifer said...

Yellow would be pretty, but I might pick a blue or a green from that quilt. Even if you don't go with the same vibrancy, pick the same shade / tone and go a step or two down on brightness.

Old Yankee Stitcher said...

The green from the quilt only a few shades lighter could be good too. The Peacock pillow would be fun. I am sure it will all look great whatever you choose. CJ ok;-)

Katrina said...

I'd probably paint the walls a blue from the quilt too. I love the flowered pillow not as crazy about the Peacock but that's just me. You would have a much better feel because you have everything in front of you :-).

Meredith said...

The quilt looks pretty and I like the idea of the yellow or green paint. Love the pillows too! Lots of pillows are so comfortable! As for lighting, if she has cathedral ceilings a small chandelier would be pretty. You could find something with some little crystals or you could go more whimsical (I've seen an adorable tea cup one at Lowes.) How fun to be decorating! Can't wait to see some more pics as the room comes along!

Lennu said...

Your decoration plans sound wonderful, it was great to read them. Good luck for your projects! The colours and themes sound (and look) perfect :)

MysteryKnitter said...

The color theme sounds good. I like the floral pillow and the peacock one too.