Tuesday, June 22, 2010

In the Pipeline

First of all, I’d like to announce the winner of the Stars & Stripes Forever chart: jlk - Confessions of a Cross Stitch Drama Queen Congratulations!
I finished another little quilt yesterday, this one used up quite a bit of my pink and green stash. I love how it turned out, and how all of the fabrics are so different, but go together nicely.
On the back I used more stash, some yardage I have had forever. Same with the binding, it is the leftover of the backing I cut off :D Love it! I stipple quilted it with white thread and it has been washed and dried, all snuggly now.
Mark and I have been talking about planning out what the heck we want to get accomplished, like anyone else it is 3 miles long. However, there are a few things that must get done. #1: Our Backyard. We took out our swimming pool last fall. There is a huge gaping crater back there, someday I’ll show you all photos… we’ve already moved 2 huge dumptruck loads of gravel into the hole, and I figure we need at least two more loads to fill it up. Who knew a hole would require so much to fill it in? Then, we plan on putting in a new deck and of course re-landscaping the whole thing. I have a feeling this will be the only thing that we get done, it’s a huge undertaking. That is our “family” goal right?

How about my own personal goals? I’ve already started! I decluttered like crazy again this weekend. It all began with Curren’s room. He was in the mood to get rid of a lot of things. There was a lot of toys and a workbench thing that took up a lot of room, it filled up my car! We lifted up his bed, vacuumed under it, dusted, washed windows and made everything look wonderful in there. We worked on Jessie’s room a lot too, but I am so not done in there yet. My personal goal, to keep decluttering and get the house organized. We don’t have a very big house, so the space I do have I need to maximize.

I have some sewing goals this summer, mostly getting quilts done. I have 4 quilt tops that need quilted and bound. Winter Stars Quilt top, Summer Porch Quilt top, Cowboy Quilt top (this is my friend’s I’m quilting for her), State Fair Schnibbles.
The Mermaid quilt is coming along fine, it will be slow going, but that is okay. I love these fabrics, they are super soft.
You think I can do all of this? In between canoeing, hiking, camping and traveling of course. I like to set my goals too high to reach haha!


Michelle said...

I am loving all your beautiful quilts!! Gorgeous!! You've got me inspired to get to work on some of my own.

Luv 2 Kreate said...

LOVE that little quilt! The fabrics are gorgeous. Good luck with the backyard...can't wait to see some before and after pics :)

Good luck with all your other goals too!

Karen said...

Your quilt is gorgeous! The pinks and greens are very pretty together.

Good luck with your summer goals! It sounds like you have a lot on your plate! :)

Anonymous said...

Your pink and green quilt is precious! What pattern did you use or did you create one?

Good luck with your plans for summer!

Robin in Virginia

Siobhan said...

You can do it, Heather! :) Your pink & green quilt is soooo adorable--perfect for summer! I love your mermaid quilt WIP, too.

Good luck with the decluttering! We are decluttering the attic and the kids' rooms. Lots of trips to the charity shop to drop bags off are in my future! Hope the clean out goes well.

Kathy A. said...

Just got caught up on your blog! Your quilting is gorgeous as always. I so wish I could quilt as much as you do.
I love your exchange with Vonna. Lovely patriotic gifts.
You do have some wonderfully ambitious family plans - my motto - All in it's own good time!

Missy Ann said...

Quick question about something from the past... Shores of Hawk Run Hollow, I saw that you said you used the DMC conversion.

1. Did you use the conversion that CHS printed on the chart?

2. Did you make any changes to that conversion on block #1?

3. I just pulled the colors & what did you do about 927 being used twice?


Brigitte said...

Your new quilt looks wonderful.
And yes, I'm sure YOU can do all the things you're up to this summer. And I think decluttering is always something enjoyable because the result is always great and something to be proud of.

Meredith said...

Hi Heather, These quilts are all beautiful! The mermaid one is so fun - my daughter and niece would drool over it!!! Good luck with your backyard renovations. We too are working on a huge project involving building a retaining wall and patio ourselves. It's fun to work on it as a family and see what we can accomplish. Happy 4th and happy stitching and quilting!!! Meredith

Marie-P said...

Hey stranger! You have been busy, as always, and so productive. I love your latest little quilt. Winter Stars looks like something I would make, love it.

As for all the decluttering...YUCK! Rather be stitching. :)

Sinta Renee said...

Wow, I love your quilt and all of your projects are wonderful... can't wait to see the last one finished! Amazing! You have a lot to do in between hiking and camping and all!

kelley said...

Love the little pink and green quilt...I need to make a baby girl gift and my fabric stash is all peim...looks like I'll need to shop for some wonderful colors like yours...nice to have found your blog...

Solstitches said...

Pink and green - what a yummy colour combination.
I just love this and all of your beautiful quilts.


MysteryKnitter said...

That winter quilt is lovely. So is that pink & green one.