Monday, March 21, 2011

Quilting Notions to make life easier

Last week was the Portland Modern Quilt Guild meeting. It is always fun to go, and now that I've been several times, I am making some friends, and I enjoy that! I get so nervous when I first meet people, it's silly really. But everyone is so nice and chatty, you forget to be shy right away.

Jen taught us how to make zipper pouches, I've made some, but her tutorial taught me even more, thanks! And the meeting also had everyone share their favorite tools and notions. Oh man, that was great. I love hearing tips and tricks!

Here is what I shared. Jenn over at Quiddity Quilts showed me this, and I use this tool ALL of the time. It is made by Scotch, and it cuts wrapping paper. That in and of itself is very nice. BUT after you've sewn a long chain piece, with lots of thread to cut inbetween, you have to cut them apart right? The cutter is so easy you just slide your thread into the razor and it cuts it right in half, it works like a charm. I've seen these at Joann's, or Target. I am sure you can find them about anywhere.

Then I shared the Kwik Klip. I pin baste my quilts, and closing all of the safety pins can hurt your fingertips. I found this at Joann's as well. The tool has notches on the end of it, so it grabs the safety pin and you push it closed, it is so much faster and nicer to your hands.

Last, my friend Colleen told me about this next tool, she learned it at a class she took. Most of our husbands have an electric razor. On the razor is a pop up trimmer, for a beard or mustache. Well, if you have sewn a long seam incorrectly, and need to unpick that long seam using a seam ripper, it can take forever. You use the trimmer on that razor! You pick apart the first few seams, and then take the trimmer and open the fabric, cut the seams, it just zips right apart, it's so much faster, and you can't really hurt your fabric unless you press ridiculously hard. Just make sure you pick the threads out of the razor before putting it back or you get some weird looks from your man! LOL!

Let me know if you try any of these out! They have made my life much easier. What are your fave tools you can't live without??


Jackie said...

What fantastic tips! I have one of those wrapping paper things and was not satisfied with it's performance. Now I have a new use for it!

Denise in PA said...

Hi Heather! I'm so glad you're enjoying the guild! I just joined the Philly Modern Quilt guild and have been to a few meetings and I agree, everyone is just so friendly and I'm making friends already! Thanks for the tips - I think I'll have to try out that shaver! I ran out of backing fabric for the quilt that's on my longarm and sewed the quilt to the leaders...can you say "dumb"? and it's taking forever to pick out!!!

Just Jenn said...

Oh cool tip on the shaver! I just learned a new way to pick stitches today, without hurting your fabric. I'll have to share the next time I see you.

What was the reaction to the paper cutter? I love that thing. Where there some other unique tools? I was so bummed I missed the last meeting!

Also looks like we're having company till April 11th (yeah a whole month - crazy!) but as soon as they all go you'll have to come over for a craft night for sure.

Kathy A. said...

Oh what cool tips Heather.
I actually have a small razor that is designed for doing just that! I bought it just a couple of weeks ago.
I will look for the other tools. I am a gadget girl and so must have these newest ideas. Thanks!