Friday, November 30, 2007

November Review, December Goals

I have not been able to stitch hardly at all this week, my mind is just not into it right now. I have to get Rob’s NRR done too! I won’t panic, I will finish it this weekend if it kills me LOL! My friend is coming over tonight to sew, I am excited! That’ll hopefully get me in a more productive mode.

Still no camera, so you’ll have to wait until next week for pictures :)

November Review
1. Finish Rob’s NRR *almost done!*
2. Work on Bittersweet Farm *yes*
3. Work on The Four Seasons *no*
4. Finish Grandma’s Log Cabin Quilt top *no*
5. Work on Pumpkin Quilt *yes*
6. Make Fall Tablerunner *no*
7. Finish Christmas Exchange Ornament *yes*
8. Stitch “November” on Bent Creek Snappers *it’s half way done*

I did finish my USEBB Ornament, and my gift for my Christmas/Birthday exchange partner, and a gift for my sister. Also did two stitchery wall hangings :)

December Goals

Finish Rob’s NRR and mail it to Von
Work on Grandma’s Log Cabin Quilt
Work on Pumpkin Quilt
Work on Bittersweet Farm
Stitch November and December on Bent Creek Snappers

I have gifts I am making too, and will try to finish. We’ll see how this month goes, a lot of evenings are taken with Christmas parties :D

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Anybody need a lapstand?

This has been purchased, thanks for looking :D

Here is a good description of it:

I’m back, finally :D

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted, yikes! So guys, I am floored, is it seriously less than 30 days until Christmas? I mean, where have I been? I am in a state of denial I think LOL! I’ve not been able to catch up for several months and every new month surprises me :D I took all kinds of lovely photos to share and my camera is with my husband out of state at the moment so that means… no photos until next week, sorry :(

We went to Utah for the week of Thanksgiving. We decided to take a vacation, a much needed one. We drove, it was 12 hours one way. I know, it’s a long way, but we like the driving part. It isn’t too bad. We have one of those portable DVD players which I’d use when the kids just would not stop arguing, or talking :P You could imagine a 5 and 6 year old in the back of the car saying “you can’t look out of my window!” “mom, how many cows are in that field” “dad, why is the sky blue” and every silly thing they can imagine. After a few hours of that the DVD player is like waving a magic wand, *poof* they are silent and we can relax LOL! I did A LOT of stitching on the drive there and back, so I had fun :D I finished my USEBB Ornament exchange, a present for my sister, and another small tree ornament for myself. I didn’t take Rob’s NRR with me, I was scared a soda would spill on it or something, so it stayed home. I still haven’t finished it, and need to get working on it this week, since I need to mail it in a few days.

Salt Lake has a very cute stitching shop that is 5 minutes from where we stayed called The Stitching Station. I loved it! I got some gifts for some exchanges, and broke down and bought some Needle Necessities floss for myself. I’ve been so good not buying anything too :P I couldn’t help it. I bought the thread I need to start Dash Away All, a Hinzeit chart too. Which is on my “20 things to do” list, so that doesn’t count! LOL! So, I was proud of myself in that department. I did however buy fabric for a quilt… so I am in trouble there. I went on and found some patterns that I think will look great with it. Now to finish the 10 other quilts I have fabric for already.

Oh yes, I gave the Mermaids of the Deep Blue to my friend Jeannie, she was thrilled and kept saying how beautiful they were. I am happy she loves them so much. They were just so “her” you know? So it feels good to do something like that for her, she deserves it. I’ll have her take a picture of them when she gets them framed up!

When I got home there was a package from Carol! Who wouldn’t be thrilled to find a package from her in the mailbox? She made me the cutest fob, with my initial on it. She said it’s from a Prairie Schooler chart. Thanks Carol! :D I’ll show it off soon. It’s on my scissors now though. Jessie loves it too :D She likes looking at my stash with me, it’s fun, I hope she’ll want to stitch and quilt someday too.

Just a few things to mention as of late, Becky can no longer host the Birthday Exchange Club, so Edgar has taken it over for 2008. I signed up with him already, and had a fun time with it this year. If you want to sign up, go here and sign up with him.

Also, my friend Courtney is selling some of her stash, so if you need to stock up on charts, she’s awesome!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

I’ve been whittling away at my list. I have started kitting up the ornaments and gifts I am making for Christmas now. It feels good to get a few things accomplished instead of getting stuck in a mire. :)

Rob’s NRR is coming right along. I’ve got the little trees done and the lighthouse completed. It still has to be backstitched though. There will be a boat up on the right corner and a pelican perched on top of the lighthouse. I don’t think I’ll have time to fill in the ocean, but I’ll make it look nice. This is a full chart, and has a little town by it, I may stitch the whole thing someday, it’s so pretty :)

Also, Kathy won my blogaversary drawing, and here is the wall hanging I made for her. I just mailed it off today! I hope she likes it :)

I won’t be around much for about a week and a half. I wish you all in the USA a very Happy Thanksgiving next week, I hope you are able to spend it with loved ones :) Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, November 12, 2007

I've been tagged :D

I’ve been trying to make quite a few things at once here, and it’s not really working LOL! I have made a list finally, and am going to do one at a time until they are all complete. At least I think I will do them all :) I can’t share this list as most of them are gifts for friends and family, some of you read this blog… so I’m not telling. It has helped me to focus and get them done. I am excited for the holidays coming up for sure! I’ve been working away on Rob’s NRR still, it’s so bright, I love it! I hope Rob will like the outcome. Sorry, not photos today.

I’ve been tagged… Twice! I am sorry it took me so long to post about it too, better late than never right? I was tagged by Carolyn and Kendra for the You Make me Smile Award. What a wonderful thing to be thought of making others smile :D Well, you all make me smile too, thank you so much! If I was to “tag” everyone who made me smile, it’d really make a huge list, so I won’t :) Just reading your blogs and finding so much inspiration has made me smile :D So thank you to everybody who takes the time to sit down and share what they’ve made.

Also Anne Ida at Quiltoholic tagged me for a meme about crafting (thanks Anne, this is fun!), here are my answers:

The rules are: Answer the following on your blog and then let five other bloggers know that you have tagged them to complete the meme.

1. When did you start to create and make craft?
I can’t say really, I mean, what kid doesn’t like to make stuff? I have always loved to draw and paint. I have drawings from when I was in kindergarten of horses and things like that. As I grew up I continued my love for art. I majored in college in Fine Arts (about two semesters) then I got married, had kids, started working as an office manager and yeah… didn’t finish my art degree. I love it even more now, but have not been able to devote the appropriate time and concentration to it since I’ve had my two kids. This is why I’ve filled my life with cross stitching and quilting. I still can be creative, and make things with my hands. Also, these hobbies allow me to do them with my kids around, oil painting… not so much :)

2. Why did you start creating?
It’s ME, it’s who I am, I love it :D

3. Why do you create?
I have to!

4. What do you create?
Cross stitched pieces, quilts, pillows, curtains, table runners, paintings, drawings, ceramics… I miss those last few, but I will do them again someday! :D

5. Has this changed since you began crafting?
Yes, like I said I was focused on drawing/painting until I had the kiddies, now it’s cross stitching and quilting :D

Ok, so now I have to tag someone for this meme – and it will be: Vonna, Kendra, Marie, Michelle, and Dawn. Have fun!

Monday, November 05, 2007

Rob's NRR & Quilt :)

How was everybody’s weekend? We had a good one! I took the kids to the zoo on Saturday because the weather was amazing, and I figured I had better take advantage of it while I could, seeing as it is supposed to start raining on Wednesday with no end in sight. I have been busy working on some gifts for Christmas for family and friends, and also working on Rob’s Seaside Neighborhood :) Here is what I got so far…

I dug through some old charts and found it, it’s so bright and cheery, I am not sure how much I’ll fill in on the block, since the charts is completely filled in… but so far it’s turning out okay. I am not sure the name of this chart, it’s in Spanish LOL! I’ll have to ask my husband to translate for me.

I was reading through the blogs I check in on and saw Tracy’s post about a Pineapple Quilt she’s making. She said that she didn’t have to paper piece hers, and used a nifty ruler. Well, she’s gone off and enabled me, I’m going to order that book and ruler. Aren’t her quilt blocks beautiful? I am drooling over them, and must give it a try! This is why I love blogging, everybody is so inspirational to me, it’s the best isn’t it? :D

I have a lot to do, and not enough time to do it in. I seriously can’t believe it’s November :P I am sure you all agree with me on that.
I laid out some of the log cabin blocks for my Grandma's quilt. I am excited to start putting this together :)

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Happy Halloween! And some goals...

I hope you all had a really fun Halloween! I’ll post some photos of our party we had on Friday night. Almost everybody who came were good sports and dressed up! We wrote on the invites that a costume was mandatory, I am so glad we did because it was a lot of fun to see everybody in costume.

Here is our clan, I was a witch, Mark a surgeon, Jessie a fairy, and Curren a Ninja.

We had a Rubic’s Cube:

Hippies! (they won the costume contest)

A flower garden, complete with flower, tree and butterflies:

There were more couples too, it was great. I hope to do this again next year, and we have more ideas for games and whatnot. I loved it! Trick or treating was nice too, the kids got a lot of candy, and I've already confiscated several Snickers Bars :)

I’ve been stitching away on Rob’s NRR, it is looking good so far. I chose a rather involved chart to do for her, it’ll fill in the whole block. I’ll post pictures of it soon :) I started Bittersweet Farm by Hillside Samplings too, I am doing this one at work, I’ve made some thread changes on it to use what I have at home already, so far so good. More pics soon!

Oh yes, since it is already November (holy cow!) I’ll do my goals too:

October Review
1. Work on the Mermaids of the Deep Blue. *I finished them!!!*
2. Find chart for next NRR, and start it. *yes & yes*
3. Stitch October on the Bent Creek Snappers *yes*
4. Work on the 4 Seasons *no*
5. Work on Grandma’s Log Cabin quilt *yes, finished the blocks*
6. Work on Pumpkin Quilt *no*
7. Put binding on Ocean Waves Quilt *yes, it’s done!*

This was a good month, I had a few big finishes I got to cross off, it felt so good! I also started a few new projects, The Cape and Bittersweet Farm, finished two stitcheries & LHN: Berries, and finished one of my Christmas exchanges

November Goals

1. Finish Rob’s NRR
2. Work on Bittersweet Farm
3. Work on The Four Seasons
4. Finish Grandma’s Log Cabin Quilt top
5. Work on Pumpkin Quilt
6. Make Fall Tablerunner
7. Finish Christmas Exchange Ornament

There are other things I want to work on too, we’ll see how far I get on any of them :)