Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A baby quilt for my sister.

My sister Nikki is having a baby boy! She is due to have him in the next few weeks, we are all so excited for her and her family. When we visited Colorado at the beginning of August, she was ready to have him then. Isn’t the last month of pregnancy the hardest?

She asked me to make him a quilt for the crib. When I asked what colors, she said blues and greens. Woohoo! I love blue and green, and have plenty of it in my stash. I picked the pattern Rain or Shine from the book by Elizabeth called The Practical Guide to Patchwork. I made it smaller than the pattern since it was for a crib.

I put a lovely soft flannel on the back, and bound it in bubbles.

The colors are so vibrant and I even had a wonderful comment from my husband along the lines of “that is one of my favorites you have made!” Wow, thanks Mark. Can you believe he gave me such a nice compliment? I think he has been studying the Husbands Quilter Comment Card I have him haha!!

I also made her a minky quilt, we made one for her daughter Lilyanne and they loved it. So I had to oblige her by making another one. I love this stuff, it’s just a mess to work with, you have to vacuum and dust after you make one, it makes so much fuzz.

Yay for babies!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Projects on my mind

My wheels have been spinning lately, I have a lot of ideas and inspirations, however, no motivation! This week I’ve been trying to get back into it, but I think the warm weather is making me lazy :)

I have lots of plans for quilts, I thought I’d share, because all I have been doing lately is petting these stacks of fabric and doing nothing with them. Hopefully writing about it will get me going!

While I was at the Sisters Quilt Show we did quite a bit of shopping. The Stitchin’ Post is such a nice quilt shop! I finally picked up the book City Quilts by Cherri House while I was there. I’ve been wanting it for such a long time. The book showcases quilt patterns using solid fabric. Since I was buying it, and the shop had such a nice variety of the beautiful Kaffe Fassett shot cottons, I picked enough out to make a quilt. Shot cottons are great, they are two-toned, the warp and the weft of the fabrics are two different colors giving it a very nice effect to the eye. (that sounds fancy huh? Haha!) Here is the pattern I will use: City Green

And the fabric, in blues and greens, and a nice black shot cotton for the sashing. I am drooling just looking at the fabric! It’s going to be so pretty.

While visiting my family in Colorado my sister pulled out a stack of Christmas prints she’s been collecting for awhile. I took them from her to make some tablerunners. I plan on giving them to her of course, unless I like them too much. I want to make several star blocks and put some sashing between them to make runners.

When I was at Hollyhill Quilt Shoppe with Barbara we were both standing in the Fig Tree corner of the store staring at the most beautiful displays. That is what happens when you are at Hollyhill, your jaw is open and you walk around mooning over the fabrics and displays. After we managed to get our wits about us, I picked up a fat quarter bundle of Strawberry Fields and asked her if she wanted to split it with me. We also picked a pattern, Salt Water Taffy, and when we got home we split the bundle up. This fabric is great, the aqua and gray are what got me. We found the polkadot fabric at Hollyhill too, it is from the Breakfast at Tiffany’s fabric line. It’ll be used for the border and binding.

And of course there are the quilts I have started, and want to finish. My beautiful Stella Blue that Dianne and I started. I have put off working on it this summer. I want to pull it out again. I love this quilt so far!

My Single Girl quilt. I have a lot done on it, I have however hit a roadblock in regards to sewing curves. I need to get over my trepidation and just GO FOR IT! I am such a chicken *bok bok*

The Warm and Cool Quilt along, all of my half square triangles are ready to go. I need to figure out a pattern to lay them out in that I like and sew it together.

What are you working on, or what would you like to be working on! Let's motivate each other :)

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Skirt night!

Jenn and I made skirts on Sunday! We've both been wanting to give it a try for quite some time, and finally got together to do it. She had some beautiful green flower fabric, and I had some Tula Pink fabric that I bought just for a skirt. We set to work. With me knowing how to do a zipper, and her knowing about the warp and weft of fabric so it would hang right, we managed to each make beautiful skirts.
*how do you pose? I am such a bad "poser"*
Thanks Jenn for a fun night! Look at this cute skirt!!
* I stood on my kitchen chair to take this photo, haha!*
At church I am now working with Young Women, ages 12-18. It's been so much fun so far. For their birthdays I am making them Scripture Totes. I just kind of winged it using ideas from the multiple bags I've made before. The girls really liked them yay!!