Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Quilt #3 from Grandma's clothes

Well, I can say that I accomplished quite a big project now, and I am so glad that it is finished! I am proud of myself for sticking with it. I learned a lot from it. Quilt #3 from granny’s clothes is officially complete!

I wanted a pattern that didn’t use a lot of triangles, after the last one with pinwheels, I decided trying to get stretchy fabrics to lay down nicely after being cut at 45 degree angles wasn’t worth the anguish of doing again. I found another pattern from the book, Quilts, Quilts & More Quilts! to use.

I came across this pattern of a quilt made with bowtie blocks, bingo! Once again, I laid out my fabrics in light and dark piles, and then paired them up, it seemed to work, you can actually see the pattern on the quilt!

The backing of the quilt is a soft tan flannel, again from Connecting Threads. I like their flannels! I quilted it using a tan thread, and bound it in dark blue.

I was surprised at how well these quilts went through my machine when I was free motion quilting them. I thought they might bunch up (because of stretchiness) or break a needle. I pin baste my quilts, and I tried while basting to pin pretty close at least 4” apart. It worked well. The quilts all were quilted with no issues or puckers.

My advice to you for making a quilt out of clothing is to find a pattern that isn’t too intricate, but can show off your fabrics. These are memory quilts after all. Also, keep in mind some fabrics made from clothing (like the ones in these quilts) don’t like to be ironed, and are incredibly stretchy. You have to be patient and careful with piecing them. I would even recommend using stabilizer, and a lot of pins!

Here are the posts for Quilt #1 and Quilt #2.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Santa's Helper

The weather has been really amazing here this past week. It’s a bit chilly, but sunny and bright outside. The leaves look amazing in all of their fall colors. It’s so inspiring! All too soon they’ll be gone and it will be raining and gray outside, I am trying to enjoy it while it lasts.

Christmas is on my mind, or at least making things for Christmas gifts is on my mind. I’ve been chipping away at my little list for my friends and family. I plan on giving as many handmade gifts as I can, because I enjoy it so much! Usually they enjoy them too :) I’ve been making tote bags, wristlet key chains, table runners, pot holders. All to be revealed after Christmas of course! Too many of my friends and family read my blog! Here is the fabric I am using though, because we all love seeing fabric right?

I’ve had this home dec weight fabric in my stash for years, and it’s high time I used it!

He’s a mean one Mr. Grinch, a family favorite! I love the bright colors of this Dr. Seuss fabric.

Scraps and ribbons for some lovely projects are always fun to use.

A swap for the Portland Modern Quilt Guild. Look at the lovely fabrics I get to play with! Heather Ross is always welcome at my house :)

The final commissioned quilt, is being quilted!

I’ve been a busy momma, it has been a fun few weeks.

Friday, November 04, 2011

Quilt #2 from Grandma's Clothes

I finished the second quilt made of granny clothes! I am pretty happy with how this one turned out. I was asked by a friend to make three quilts out of her mother’s clothing for her children. It’s been quite a project, but a very worthwhile one.

I found the inspiration for the quilt in an old magazine. I really liked the pattern, and the play on lights and darks.

After I got everything cut out, and the blocks sewn, I took it downstairs and laid them all out on the living room floor. My family was watching TV, so they were soon helping me arrange all of the blocks. The first layout I had in mind I really did not like, and then I was freaking out that is looked so terrible, and I was going to have to make another quilt. Mark took over and rearranged the blocks to make them look so much better. Thank you Mark! It was nice to have somebody else’s perspective.

I stipple quilted it using white thread, and put a green flannel on the back so it’ll be nice and warm. I bought the flannel from Connecting Threads, it is really soft and has a nice weight to it. This is a lap sized quilt, and is long enough to tuck your feet under. Perfect size!

You can see the first quilt I made out of granny clothes HERE. I am working on the third and final quilt for my customer using these clothes. The top is done, it just need to be basted and quilted.