Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Santa Baby

Some of my favorite Christmas memories... this has been fun thinking about them. I love that my parents had such a fun time during Christmas, they'd go over the top for us, and it was just magic! My dad would set up a video camera, turn it on to the empty living room, then turn it off. He'd set up some presents, turn the camera, on and off, and go on like this until the room was full of gifts! We'd wake them up at some obnoxious hour and stare in the living room all excited about Santa coming. When he told us he set up a video camera through the night and he must have got Santa on video! So we all would watch the tape and see presents appear out of thin air... well, dad said Santa was SO FAST that we couldn't even catch him on tape! We were blown away... NO WAY MAN! That was awesome.

We have had fun with our kids too, and I try to carry on some of the same traditions my parents started. We make chili and cornbread Christmas eve, read the Christmas Story and choose one present to open before bed. Christmas morning the kids wake us up and we open everything else. It's so fun...

I am seriously SO EXCITED for Christmas this year with my family :D

Guess what? Cotton Charm Quilts is having a Christmas giveaway too! I am so excited about it. I just went shopping for several hours yesterday at my LQS and still have stars in my eyes.

Dear Santa,

If you happen to be stopping by Cotton Charm Quilts on Christmas eve night to spread some quilting love... here is my list!

A Simple Abundance fat quarter bundle or Jelly Roll would be much loved and used up completely in about 2 days...

Kelly the owner of the quilt shop has this really amazing kit called Stella Blue (by one of my favorite designers Carrie!). I would love to make this quilt!!! I love all things Americana :)

The Pint Size quilt pattern by Thimble Blossoms is A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E.

My list could go on & on... Rounneries charm packs, Wicasset Jelly Rolls...

I dream of this stuff LOL!

Merry Christmas!

Love, Heather

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A little of this, a little of that

Christmas is this week, we are Soooooo excited in our house. My kids are constantly talking about what Santa will bring, and it's so cute! I am lucky and have this whole week off to spend at home with my kids. We have been enjoying the down time a lot.

I finished up the "Victorian Garden" quilt top last night. These fabrics are so summery, I think I'll call this quilt Hydrangea Garden instead. I found a flannel fabric for the backing. It looks like a field of wheat, and it's so soft!
Next up, I finished quilting and binding the Picnic Schnibbles quilt that I worked on in November. I backed it with some Amy Butler fabric I had in my stash. The quilting is just a meandering stipple. It's getting easier to quilt now, and I am relieved!
And another block on Shores of Hawk Run Hollow is complete! I have 2 more to go and it'll be finished *yes*
I wish you all a very Merry Christmas! I hope you are able to be with your family and friends this weekend. Love to you all!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I want a fuzzy blanket

I was over visiting our friends a few weeks ago. Andrea's daughter Lily and my Jessie are best buddies, they love each other, it's so cute. I happened on Lily's Christmas list and she had written "fuzzy blanket". I told Andrea that we could help Santa out.

It worked out good, because I'd been wanting to do a rag quilt someday, and fuzzy blankets means rag quilt right?

I bought 3 receiving blankets at Target on clearance, score! I cut them up into squares and dug through my stash and found some minkie and soft fleece leftover from previous quilts, and made this adorable little "fuzzy blanket" for Lily. Jessie helped a lot, she ironed everything, cut out the batting squares and layed the quilt out. Go Jess!This was fun, I am definetly making more someday!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

List for Santa

Dear Santa,
Merry Christmas Ho! Ho! Ho! Santa is coming around blog land. He is bringing goodies from The Fat Quarter Shop. Oh my gosh, I would be really happy if he showed up at my door with a armful of fabric! Here is what he would have… I just know it! (because I’ve been such a good girl this year)

One of my favorite fabric designers Heather Bailey came out with yet another heart stopping collection. Nicey Jane. So beautiful.

I would like one of each please! The Swell and the Cool...

And… have you seen the patterns by Fig Tree Quilts? They are so perfect.

Look at this Cameo pattern, how many ways can you make this? And the Rosettes is very elegant.
And let us not forget Simple Abundance fabric. It is to die for really. And in a Jelly Roll? Yes Please!

The Eden fabric in a layer cake would make my week. I love these layer cakes mmmmm....
And, I have always wanted a pony! If you have room *wink wink*
Love, Heather

P.S. Go and check out The Jolly Jabber and make your own list!

Monday, December 14, 2009

2010 Goals

2009 Wrap Up

Well, I stitched my heart out in 2008, but 2009 was different for me. I worked on ONE project all year, I barely touched anything else. Shores of Hawk Run Hollow is really huge, and it has sucked me in. I doubt I’ll stitch anything else until this is finished. Only 2-1/2 blocks to go!

Quilting dominated my year. I started a lot of new projects, and learned to free motion quilt my own quilts. This takes up a lot of my time, but I love the process so it is here to stay.
This list is my “2009 Quilting goals” I did pretty well I think.

Finish my current WIP:
Pinwheels Quilt *have not touched*
American Pie Quilt *finished!*
Cherie’s Quilt *finished!*
Victorian Garden Quilt *working on quilt top*

Send out to get quilted, because the tops are done:
Blue/Yellow log Cabin *have not touched*
Star Lights Quilt *have not touched*

What I have kitted up:
Mermaid quilt, find a good pattern for these fabrics… *have not touched*
Heather Bailey fabric, use Living Large Book *have not touched*
Flannel winter blanket, make a rag quilt *have not touched*
3 Schnibbles patterns are kitted up *doing the Schnibbles a month!*
Blue Frost quilt kit *all cut out, need to start sewing*
Amy Butler Blue/Green quilt kit *this is Puzzle Play, it’s finished!*

2010 should be a fun year for me. I have a lot of things in my head to work on, I can’t wait to get started.

Finish my current WIP:
Shangri-La Quilt: Quilt and Bind
Victorian Garden Quilt: Finish top, quilt & bind
Star Lights Quilt: Quilt & Bind
Blue/Yellow Log Cabin: Quilt & Bind
Blue Frost Quilt: Sew blocks, quilt & bind
Picnic Schnibbles: Quilt & Bind
Pop Garden II quilt: Quilt & Bind
Christmas Table Runners: Make Backs, quilt and bind

What I have planned to start:
8: Schnibbles a month quilts
Christmas Quilt
Mermaid quilt, find a good pattern for these fabrics…
Heather Bailey fabric, use Living Large Book
Flannel winter blanket

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Schnibbles Tuffets

The "Schnibbles a Month" in December was the Tuffets! I really like making pin cushions, they are too fun. I made 5 of them today. All of them were from scraps.

Jessie is really getting into sewing. My friend Barbara teaches girl's beginning sewing classes. She made me so happy when she told me "Mom, quilting is AWESOME!" Jessie loved the Tuffets as you can see.

Jessie is getting one of them, I managed to hide the blue/brown ones from her. I bought her a sewing box with pins, scissors and other fun stuff, the pincushion will match her sewing box.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Puzzle Play is DONE, that is right, DONE!

Puzzle Play is a quilt I started over the summer. I bought a kit at Hollyhill Quilt Shoppe probably a year ago for this quilt. Guess what? They still have some too! Go to this LINK and you can get one if you want. I love the kits I've bought from this shop, they do such a nice job of putting them together.

The fabric is by Amy Butler. When I saw the fabrics I loved them, but had no idea what I could make with them, they overwhelm me. Well, the kit I bought is what encouraged me to use them, it looks so fun doesn't it?
It took awhile to piece the quilt, and then I could not figure out how to quilt it. It's pretty big 76" x 86". I was inspired again by the lovely blogs I read and saw Pebble Quilting. I started it and after a few bobbins realized it'd take me forever, but you know what? I took my time and got it done. I love the outcome, it has a really nice feel. It took approximetly 22 bobbins.
I was reading a blog called Free Motion Quilting. She wrote a really good post about quilting your own large quilts, it's a great one for those of you wondering how to go about it.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

December is here...

Long time, no post. My house is still being “remodeled” which means I have not had my normal scheduled time to sew lately. I’ve been busy cross stitching instead! The year is almost over, and I’ve come pretty far on Shores of Hawk Run Hollow. I am really enjoying this, and will be sad when I finish. Can more blocks be created for it? :D Anyway… I finished the cute red house block. I am well into the glass bottle boat block now. I see myself finishing this block in December. If you want the details on this project, I started it in January of 2009. I am stitching it on 32 count linen, and using DMC threads. If you plan on stitching this someday, I recommend using DMC because there is so much thread on this, and the silks are so expensive. The DMC threads are really vibrant and bright. I have had to go to JoAnn’s often to buy more DMC for this project. I do think the silks would be very beautiful on this, but the cost, I just can’t bear it. I suppose in the end it’s a personal decision :) What are your thoughts on silks vs. DMC?

For the month of November the Schnibbles quilt pattern was “Picnic”. I wasn’t too in love with it after I finished it. It is growing on me though, and Jessie is in love with it… so she can have it. If you haven’t been over to Sinta or Sherri’s blogs to see the parade, get your buns over there and check it out! There are some very pretty Picnic quilts to see.

I was so excited last night, I found out I had won one of the giveaways (YAY!!!) I won the December Schnibbles pattern which is the Tuffets, and a charm pack from The Quilt Shoppe. This will be a really fun month, and I love making these little cushions for gifts. Look at how cute they are.
Christmas is right around the corner. My house is not decorated AT ALL. It’s decorated with hammers, nails, sand paper and paint. Look at what Mark the Awesome Husband has done to my kitchen. The color of the walls makes me smile every time I walk in there.

So, we’ll see if I can get any decorations up this month. For an early Christmas gift to our families I had the kids get their photos taken by my friend Jen Korth. She was visiting her old stomping grounds from Utah and we were able to have a photo session. She takes the most amazing pictures of children. I about died from the cuteness of them. What do you think? Are they not the cutest kids you’ve every laid your eyes on? (I am biased, of course). Have a wonderful December!!! I hope you get to see your families and enjoy your friends. Love to you all :)