Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Cannon Beach and Old McMary's

Well, I have been making good progress on the Cannon Beach piece. I really like stitching this one so far, it's fun! I have changed the color of the kid's hair, to blonde! Like my kids :D Other than that I have kept it all the same.

Then, I started Old McMary's by The Workbasket. There are several things about this chart I don't like. They call for 3 kinds of Kreinik metallic thread, on a sampler like this??? I just don't see that looking right at all. So, when I get to those colors I'll find some hand dyed threads to use instead of the metallic. Here is my progress from last night on it. :D So far so good!

I hope all is well for everyone! Thanks for your comments on my Be Happy finish! You are so sweet.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Stash... mmmmm....

Today I was able to get to my LNS. I bought some threads for the Little House Needlework chart, Forest Snowfall. I also bought a few charts. I got the new chart from Hillside Samplings called Bittersweet Farm. I thought it was so cute. I love the fall charts with pumpkins and orange warm colors. I also got the JBW Charts of the Rooster and Pumpkin. The apple was so fun to stitch, I thought these others would be nice to do.

I then headed to JoAnn's and got a styrofoam cube, and made this! I love the way it turned out. I'll make more of these for sure. It was really easy :D

I found this for $10 as well, it's a Dimension's Gold Kit called Cozy Cove. I really like this one a lot, and have never seen it before. I'm going to stitch this some day. Not sure when... but someday! :D LOL!!

Carol, you don't have to be in any hurry for the PIF! :D You are so cute. I still have 3 more to make, I am behind if anyone is :D :D Thanks for all of your comments everyone, you are SO encouraging. And your posts really keep me motivated.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Yes another PIF! From Cindy

3 awesome PIF's this week, wow. Cindy outdid herself on this adorable fob! She said it's a house from the Drawn Thread Game Board in honor of our neighborhood RR we'll be starting soon. So sweet! Thank you Cindy I love it :D

I finally can show you something I am making, seriously everything I am doing right now is a secret! So, this is the Cannon Beach chart, I got most of the border done and started the clouds. It's not very big, so I don't think it'll take me too long. I really like it so far! The pattern is on the bottom right of the picture there... just in case you wanted to know what it'll look like!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Another PIF Recieved from Cathy

I am such a lucky girl, really I am. I signed up with Cathy for a PIF, and wow. She did an amazing hardanger piece for me. It's really a nice color of peach. I don't know if you can tell from the pic, it looks pink in the pic to me. I am just in love with it. I have no clue how to do hardanger, I mean look at it, it looks so hard! :O Cathy, thank you so much! Also, she sent me the LHN Cherries thread pack, I almost bought it the other day, she must have been reading my mind :D

I had just started my blog when the PIF was circulating in the fall. I have met so many nice people through this, I just love the concept of PIF. I have 3 more to do before the year ends. I have been thinking about all of them, now that I know everyone better. I can't wait to get going on them.

Tomorrow night is the quilting class at my church, it should be fun. I like getting together with everyone to talk about our projects.

On the March BC snapper, you are right! He's standing on the other foot! I have seen weather-vanes where they have one foot in front and one in back, like they are running. So, I thought my chicken needed a leg in front. Obviously not, unless he's a mutant chicken with 3 legs :P

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Two Finishes :)

Well, I got two of my goals finished today. I finished March for the Bent Creek snappers: I think the chicken needs a foot in front of it too, not just the one in the back. I might add that. What do you think??

On our way to the beach yesterday I started this ornament, and finished the stitching on it today. These are so fast to stitch, I like that they're a set. I didn't buy the horn charm for this one, I stitched him one, like I did on the one from last month. Can't stand to spend $12 on them! I can buy more stash for sure!

Now I have to start planning my kid's birthdays, they are April 8th and 9th! Only a year and a day apart. They'll be 5 & 6. They are growing up too fast. :D Here's a pic of them yesterday at the beach. Little bugs... We got Curren a new wetsuit (early) for his birthday present yesterday, he was excited. Jessie fits in the one he currently had. The ocean here is cold year round, so a full body wetsuit and booties is a must for them. We are at the beach all of the time, so we all need to be suited up!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Amazing PIF

Hi there! I am so happy :D I just received a beautiful PIF gift from Katrina today. It is amazing. It's a really pretty FOB stitched all over one, WOW. Here it is:

the front

the back

the whole package. She sent some pretty fat quarter, scissors to go with the fob, and some mints.
Today we went to Cannon Beach and played, it was so fun. I even got brave and went boogie boarding. I was so glad I did, I am tired now! I am 1/2 way done with my March BC snapper, and my Shepherd's Bush ornament. So, pics will be coming in the next few days of those. I just had to show you this wonderful gift.
Thank you everyone for your kind comments on the Spring Cottage I did, you are so great!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Jayne's Attic RR

Hi there, I have not fallen off of the face of the earth, I promise :D Life got quite busy, and I have been lacking in the blogging department!

Last Thursday was another big church meeting/dinner/program I had to put on. About 50 people showed up, and it turned out so nice! I am relieved it’s over, but had a wonderful time putting it together. Now, the next one isn’t until July, so I can relax for a few months.

About 90% of the stitching I am doing is for exchanges/gifts etc. So I can’t hardly show anything of what I am working on :( That is another reason for lack of blogging. But, I do have a few things I can show now.

I finished my first part of the Jayne’s Attic RR. This is the Spring Snapperville. She has it divided up into 5 parts, I like her idea a lot. I stitched the Spring Cottage for this RR. She had all hand dyed threads for it, and it looks so nice. My stitching is not a good as hers is, I can’t believe how perfect hers looks! :O I have a lot to learn still I see. But, I think it turned out nice. I really enjoyed stitching this one. I’ll be mailing this off to Iceland this week.

I worked on my Mermaids for a bit, and did some beading, so here’s the progress on them. I am slogging through it, I won’t give up! :D

I have lots to do, I still have to stitch an ornament, and the March monthly snapper. I have started the Cannon Beach chart as well. Not much on it yet though. I had bought some blue/sky looking fabric from Carol a few months back that goes perfectly with it. I can’t wait to get more done on it.

Spring has arrived! Here are some pictures of the kids and I last night :D

Thursday, March 01, 2007

February Review, March Goals

My February Goals

To do for February:
1. Finish the top of Jessie’s Horse Quilt (just need to add a border) *done 2-5-07*
2. Begin the Trip Around the World Quilt for my cousin *bought materials, and mapped out the pattern, but haven’t started it yet*
3. Finish Bent Creek: February Snapper *done one 2-15-07*
4. Jayne’s Attic RR: Finish my 1st part, and mail it to Iceland by the 19th, begin on the one coming in :) –*finished stitching mine on 2/8, waiting to receive the next one still*
5. Work on the Mermaids of the Deep Blue, so I can keep up with Cindy :) *worked on them for a few hours, but totally didn’t keep up with Cindy*
6. Find design for USEBB Quaker Exchange and get materials for it. *found design and bought materials! 2/3/07, it is now finished too!!!!*
7. Find a ornament and finish it for the ornament SAL. *stitched Shepherd’s Bush, 2000 Years Ago*
8. Make 3 blocks for Birthday block exchange *all done!*

Things I did outside of my goals:*started and finished Trip Around the World wall hanging 2-10 to 2-14*
*finished the Shepherd’s Bush: Beehive needleroll*
*finished The Knotted Tree: Little Acorn*
*started the Blue/Yellow Log Cabin Quilt*
*started a gift for a friend*
*finished the USEBB Spring Quaker Exchange*

I was surprised at how well setting these goals kept me on track. Also, I did get several other things done. Another productive month, go me! The only thing I did lousy on was I let Cindy pass me up, she finished her Mermaids, which is so awesome! :) I am getting close, I can feel it! You know, if I hadn’t done a million other things those mermaids could be done, but I just wasn’t feeling it.

Now, my March goals:

Begin working on my cousin’s quilt, get all of the squares cut out at least.
Make one Birthday Block this month
Stitch one of the Shepherd’s Bush ornaments for the SAL
Finish the Jayne’s Attic RR and mail it by the 19th of this month.
Finish Jessie’s Horse Quilt completely, piece backing and quilt it!
Work on Mermaids at least once a week.
Work on Gift for my friend
Start an exchange (I have everything, just need to start it!)
Stitch Bent Creek : March Snapper


I have been out of touch the past few days, I need to play catch up on reading all of your blogs! My husband was out of town, and finally came home (for work), so I’ve been spending lots of time with him in the evenings, instead of ignoring cross stitching all night! LOL :D He calls it ignoring, if I do it too often.

I have a small finish, it seems that everybody is making these Little House Needlework charts. I just love them, and you get all of that great floss with them. So here is mine: Watermelon. I scanned it crooked, oh well :P You get the idea. I was thinking of making several of them and doing some sort of wall hanging with them, I think that’d be cute. We shall see what others they come out with this year.

I still haven’t received my RR from Jayne’s attic. It got mailed a bit late I think, but I wish I had it, so I can start stitching on it, since it has to be mailed again on March 19th. Hopefully it’ll be in my mailbox when I get home.

I’ve been reading quite a bit, last month I read How to Make an American Quilt, and then I read The Eye of the World by Robert Jordan (the 1st of a series called the Wheel of Time) I’ve read this huge series once, and I just LOVE it, so it was fun reading the beginning again. I have now picked up The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas. It’s a fantastic book so far. I plan on reading The Count of Monte Cristo after I am done with Musketeers. Can’t wait!

The weather here has been so weird, it’s cold, raining, snowing, sunny, windy… all in one day. I am glad I have a desk job, with a little heater at my feet. Makes life easier I think!