Sunday, October 28, 2007

Drawing Winner :)

Thanks for leaving comments for winning a prize! I had fun deciding what I am going to make, though it's not "finished" yet! Kathy A. you are my winner!!! Curren helped me draw your name :) I hope to do this again next year too. I am going to make you a wall hanging with this LHN Berries finish, so email me at oregonsurfers at gmail dot com and send me your address Kathy :)
Our Halloween party was so much fun Friday night, I'll post pictures next time for you all!
I have finished two "stitcheries" in the past couple of weeks. I really like doing these, because #1 they are easy and #2 they are so cute! I did this one for my friend whose birthday is next month:
And this for another friend:
Both of the charts are from this designer Cedarberry Stitches. I loved doing both of them, and they have the cutest stuff, go check them out!
I hope you are all having a nice weekend. I am off to work on Rob's neighborhood round robin now, I found the most perfect chart I can't wait to get started!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

One year down, many more to go!

So, can you believe it… it has been a year today since I’ve started this little blog. I’ll tell you how I found out about these blogs, I typed in a search for a wedding ring quilt cross stitch pattern on Google. My search took me to a blog by Doodle-Head, and I saw her own little space online with her hobbies all listed out nice, and then saw her bloglines, and I clicked to so many different blogs about the same thing, I was HOOKED after that. About a month later I started mine :) And I love it. I’ve since signed up for exchanges, round robins, PIF gifts, and have so many new friends, amazing! I have noticed my finishing has been so huge too. Last year I had 15 cross stitch finishes, this year, it’s over 45 (if you include all of my RR and Exchanges) and the year isn’t over yet. So if that tells you anything… you know I am hooked for sure. In light of this wonderful enhancement to my life, I’m going to have a giveaway. I have something picked out to do this with, but won’t show you, it’ll be a surprise. So, leave a comment and I’ll put your name into a hat :) I’ll have Jessie pick the name on Sunday the 28th. Oh yes, if you live overseas that is okay!

I am still getting ready for the Halloween Party. Tonight is quilt night at church, so I am going to be there for that, but otherwise I’m cleaning house! I can’t wait for the party! Don’t worry I’ll take pictures for you :)

Monday, October 22, 2007

Storage... pictures!

The weekend turned out to be pretty boring, the weather was horrid on Saturday so we did not make it to the pumpkin patch, which makes me sad. I LOVE going to the pumpkin patch! Maybe this coming weekend we can make it out. I did get a few things accomplished however… and that is good :)

Thanks for the comments on how you store your threads/flosses. I appreciate you taking the time to do that. I have come to the conclusion of doing this…
1. Separate all floss by brand
2. Put each color of floss in small Ziploc bag (or go and get floss away bags)
3. Put on rings in alphabetical order
4. Put these in box I have for my floss already

Here is my big mess I have now :) This small box has my Crescent Color threads and Needle Necessities threads:

This bag has everything else LOL!
When I get done organizing, I'll share :)

Here is my “corner” I have next to my couch. I keep my project bags there, all of my DMC floss boxes and misc. other things here.

I found this little organizer at JoAnn’s. I keep each pouch filled with a current WIP floss. So the first pouch has my Bent Creek Snappers, the second The Workbasket Old McMary’s Farm (which I need to work on again), and the other is for an ornament. I also keep my scissors and DMC empty bobbins, needles here for easy finding. It has worked well so far. I used to have all of this stuff in random bags, and I’d lose them all of the time… so this helped me get my act together LOL!

My kids are great and don’t touch my things, they really don’t. I am very proud of them. I have always let them look and touch when I am using it, so they know what it all is, and that it’s not really very exciting. So, I can leave my things out and never have to worry about them getting into it. That couch has now become “mom’s couch” and usually only I sit on it :) Terrible, I know. Jessie likes to come and sit by me in the evenings while we watch movies and stuff, so she’ll patiently wait while I push everything aside so she can sit by me. It’s very cute.

Here is a WIP picture of The Cape by Valentine Stitchery. I love it so far. My camera washed out the color of the fabric, it’s a pretty sky blue color. :)

Also this weekend I did some sewing. I finished the blocks for my Grandma’s Log Cabin. 72 in all. Here they are almost done on my kitchen table. They looks so pretty. I have yet to lay them out on the floor to see what it’ll look like.So if you are still with me... this week will be crazy! We are having a big Halloween Party on Friday night. We invited over 16 couples, plus their kids, so it will be fun! My two girlfriends and I are planning it, so I've got lots of help thank goodness. I will let you know how it goes :D

Friday, October 19, 2007

How do you store your floss?

So, jumping off a question that Carolyn asked, how do you store your threads? I want to go further with how do you store/organize your overdyed flosses? I have my DMC floss wound on bobbins and organized by number in the thread boxes a lot of people have. I keep my beads in a tin, my kreinik in a tin, etc. But my overdyed flosses are growing rapidly in number, and I have no clue on how to store them so I can actually find them :) I have been starting to put them in the little snack Ziploc bags, but then what? Where to store those? I think by brand, and maybe by name would be a good way to go… just have to find a good way so I don’t have to redo it later :P

Let me know what you do, I am curious? I will try and post pictures at some point this weekend :) Because we all like pictures.

In other news, I have started The Cape! That would be the lighthouse one. I love it so far. It’s all in Weeks Dye Works floss. Very pretty colors. I am all excited to be working on a new project. We are going to attempt to go to the pumpkin patch tomorrow, depending on how horrid our weather will be, or not be :) It has been raining like mad the past few days. I hope you all have a great weekend, thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Halloween Exchange

I heard from the group moderator Dawn that my exchange was received for the USEBB Halloween Exchange. We had the wrong address initially so it was returned to me, and I had to re-mail it to Debbi, I am so glad that it got to her safely!

I loved this exchange, I had so much fun making this for Debbi. I stitched Halloween Sampler by Lizzie Kate, and finished it into a cube (big surprise eh?). I found the most perfect fabric for it too, all of the stripes matched!
I have finished another exchange, but can't show it for awhile since it's for Christmas. Go me! I finished early :D I've also been working on a simple stitchery wall hanging, I have to do the finishing on it though, and then I'll show it off :) It was fun to stitch something a little different, I've never just done stitching on muslin before. It'll be a birthday gift for a friend of mine.
I am thinking my next project will be the lighthouse, and also work on the 4 seasons if I am in the mood. If you haven't noticed I have to be in the mood to work on things. If I am not feeling it... I won't do it.
Over and out!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Tablerunner & October Snapper

Wow! Thank you for all that stopped by here and commented on the Mermaids, you are all so sweet! I am very pleased that they are done, and that I don't have to bead any more at the moment :) I am giving them to my friend, who does know about them. I showed her last Thanksgiving, right before I had most of the stitching done on them, and she was really excited. Barbara, I laughed so hard when I read your comment, "she is going to faint!" She just might, knowing her :D

So for church Colleen has been teaching us how to make quilts, like you saw the block of the month quilt I've posted a few times. Now we are going to do seasonal items, taking 3 month intervals to do them. She chose a Christmas Tablerunner, and I sewed the top of mine altogether now. Sorry for the poor photos, the color just doesn't show up well :P

Also, I finished the October Bent Creek Snapper. Only two more to go! Woohoo!
I am really trying to decide what to do next. I want to finish The 4 Seasons SO badly, but I also want to start a new project, either the one that Katrina sent to me, or The Cape. You vote, tell me what you want to see me do, no matter which one I do, I'd be happy! :D
For the 4 Seasons, I have 4 motifs left to stitch....

Katrina sent me this off of my wishlist, all kitted up, it's adorable! I love it :)

And I have this all kitted up too, so... what to do!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Mermaids of the Deep Blue FINISHED!!!!

Can I just say, YIPEEE!!!!! I am so excited that the Mermaids are done. I have been beading for the past week, and just finally finished them tonight at 11:00.

I started these back in March of 2006, so it has been a year and a half project for me. I am actually giving this as a gift to one of my best girlfriends in the whole world. I cannot wait to give it to her now! When I first saw this chart, I knew that she had to have it. :D

Mirabilia: Mermaids of the Deep Blue
March 2006 to October 2007
32 ct. Zweigart Amsterdam Blue Linen
Used all recommended threads, beads and charms.

Here are some closeup shots just for the heck of it. If any of you decide to stitch this, just be aware there are so many beads :) The stitching isn't bad at all. I did enjoy them, once I learned to use clear thread for the beading.

Okay everyone, I am a tired girl... so it's time for bed! I can relax as one more big WIP is crossed off of my list *bliss* oh yeah!

Monday, October 08, 2007

Halloween and Autumn Quaker exchange received

One of my other great things that happened this past weekend was I received not one, but TWO exchanges. Goldie has my name for both exchanges :D I am lucky! She went all out, and I am just so excited about what she made for me.

For the Autumn Quaker exchange she made a really cute needlebook. It is so pretty!

The inside had a small cushion with my initials on one side and a peacock on the other. So creative.

Also for the Halloween Exchange she made a small tin. She finished a Shepherd’s Bush freebie and it really looks perfect. I have yet to try to finish something onto a tin, it is neat-o. Thanks Goldie!

She included 3 skeins of floss to try out, ribbons, black linen and so much more, so generous. I love it all :)

Also this week I finished Little House Needleworks: Berries. I’ve been stitching away at it at work. It is really cute. I have been happy with these small designs so far.

So, this week is the big church activity, amongst other things. I have been working A LOT on the Mermaids. I have quite a bit of beading to do still, but I am over ½ way done with the beading now. I hope to have them done by my goal date of 11/15! I think I’ll make it :) Yay! Goals are so helpful for motivation.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog! I really do appreciate you all stopping by :)

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Ocean Waves Quilt Done :)

What a weekend this has been, I am SO tired. We had quite an adventure on Saturday. We drove to Crater Lake, which is about a 5 hour drive from Portland. We had never been there before, and have always wanted to go and see it. I have seen it from an airplane, but that doesn't count! :) I took pictures of it then (5-16-06)

It's cool huh? Well we got up there and the ground was completely covered in snow, and as we drove up to the rim of the lake it was really foggy, I was bummed thinking that we would not see it because of the fog, but we lucked out :)
It is the deepest lake in the USA at 1,943 feet. It is quite amazing, and just so deep blue. I loved being there, and hopefully we can go back in the summertime when we can see it more clearly and do some hiking. They even do a boat tour, how fun!

In other news, we stayed home all day today and rested. I managed to finish the binding on my Ocean quilt, so it is done now! Ta-da!

Here is a closeup of the quilting:
I have a lot more to share but will post later... just to keep you all in suspense LOL!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Autumn Quaker Exchange for Amy

I was happy when I had received Amy’s name for my exchange partner. She does such beautiful work! Fall is one of my most favorite seasons. I love the warm colors of reds and oranges that are all over the trees. The cool, crisp air. The harvested apples, going to the pumpkin patch. So much fun! I found a simple quaker design from a freebie. I then wandered to my LNS and searched for the perfect fall thread. I found a great one, made by Needle Necessities.

I made her a little needlebook:

I then found the perfect fabric to match! Nothing like when a plan comes together. :)

She says she loves it, and I am thrilled! :D Enjoy Amy.

Also in time for the fall season I finished my LHN: Pumpkins into a cube. I decided to give it to the woman who takes care of my kids while I work. She is fabulous, sweet and so great to my kids. She also loves to decorate for the seasons, so it fit right in with her d├ęcor. She was very happy to get it yay!

So for church we have an evening for the ladies. It is every quarter, and we have to put on some sort of activity for everybody. I am in charge of all this, and have a lot of help of course. This year is a Fall Celebration. We had signups for soups and desserts. Then we are talking about favorite traditions, making some cute seasonal blocks, demonstrating how to make caramel popcorn balls, and tying quilts for families who need them. It will be a fun evening, and it is next Thursday. My evenings will be taken up in planning this, so I am not sure how much of my own things I’ll be working on :D I am excited for this night though, they always turn out to be so much fun. Here are the blocks we are making, my friend and I are teaching everyone how to do these.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The Mermaids are back!

Well, guess what I’ve been working on for the past few nights?? Cindy! I got the Mermaids of the Deep Blue out again! I haven’t worked on them for such a long time. I got burned out on the beading, and then I figured out why. I was using a DMC thread that matched the bead color, well on this project there are SO MANY beads. And a lot of bead colors all mixed together. I finally figured out to use clear quilting thread (duh) and it has gone way faster. I am so much happier beading now. It still bores me, but that is alright. Anyway, I’ve worked on them for two nights now, and several hours.

Where I stopped on 3/11/07(oh my gosh, it’s been that long!?!):

And here I am now on 10/2/07:

I got most of the beads on the mermaid on the left now. I have to backstitch them as well, but that should not take too long. Anyway it’s good to be working on them again :)

Also, I received a comment from Sunflowergrl922 regarding my Trip Around the World Quilt. I couldn’t find any way to email you back! You had asked where I got this pattern. Well, to be honest, I made it up :) It is a simple pattern to do, I took graph paper, started in the middle and drew it out from there. You need to choose the fabrics/colors you want first. If you read this leave me your email and I’d be happy to walk you through it okay? Can’t wait to hear back from you!

Monday, October 01, 2007

September Review, October Goals

A review, for my records anyway… this sure helps me keep on track!

September ReviewWork on the Four Seasons *no*
Finish 2 Shepherd's Bush Ornaments *yes*
Work on Grandma's Log Cabin *yes*
Stitch 2 Shepherd's Bush Ornaments *yes*
Finish Debby's NRR and mail it to Von at the end of the month. *yes*
Stitch September on the Bent Creek Snappers *yes*

This month was kind of not productive for me I thought. I did get a lot of random things done…

Other things I did this month: finished the Trip Around the World Quilt, Started the Pumpkin quilt, helped my sister with her quilt, tablerunner and potholders, made 4 birthday blocks.

October Goals

1. Work on the Mermaids of the Deep Blue. I want to get these done I have made myself a deadline, November 15th. I have to get the Mermaids done! These are a gift for a good friend, and we might get to see her for Thanksgiving, if we do, I want it done to give to her then.

2. Find chart for next NRR, and start it.

3. Stitch October on the Bent Creek Snappers

4. Work on the 4 Seasons

5. Work on Grandma’s Log Cabin quilt

6. Work on Pumpkin Quilt

7. Put binding on Ocean Waves Quilt

I have more I’d like to do, but there are a few things this month that will take some of my evenings. So… I won’t plan any more goals :)