Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Year of Heather’s Schnibbles Quilts

For those of you who haven’t been following the Schnibbles Quilts I’ve been making in the past year, here is a recap. Back in September of 2009 I was reading Carrie Nelson’s Blog. She is a quilt designer, her business is called Miss Rosie’s Quilt Company. She said that two ladies Sinta and Sherri are going to host a quilt a long, to make one Schnibble a month for a year. A Schnibble is a small quilt pattern that Carrie designs, she has dozens of these patterns. I love making Schnibbles, they use the 5” charm packs that Moda distributes, and since I always seem to buy charm packs, these quilts are right up my alley.

Here is what I made in the past year! (I linked them to the original posts if you want the information of what fabric I used)

September 2009: Winter White
October 2009: Cindy Lou Who
November 2009: Picnic
December 2009: TuffetsJanuary 2010: Madeline
February 2010: Sunday Best
March 2010: Roundabout
April 2010: Tagalong
May 2010: NashJune 2010: State FairJuly 2010: Joy Luck
August 2010: Plan C
I have also completely finished (as in quilted and bound) almost all of them too, which is great! It has helped me get better at my free motion quilting. I am glad that I started this journey and stuck with it, I’ve learned a lot more about quilting and reading patterns. Thank goodness Carrie writes good instructions! Which one is your favorite? It’s really hard to pick just one of them, but I think I like the June 2010 quilt State Fair the best, the fabric is just too fun.

My husband calls these “Toe Warmers” because he says they are kinda small and it can only fit over my toes… haha! What am I going to do with them all? Well, I’ve given a few of them away as gifts already. I plan to keep most of them and use them as table covers, or to hang on the wall, or just to sit and stare at. So, have I convinced you to go and try making a Schnibble??

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Plan C Schnibbles Quilt Top

I managed to finish the quilt top for the August Schnibbles quilt last night! I did it, all 12 quilt tops were finished on time in the past year woohoo!! *high fives all around* I know a lot of others were able to get them done too, and I give them kudos, it was hard getting them all finished, but really fun, I am glad I joined in on the process.

Here is Plan C. I used Eva charm packs. Eva is designed by Basic Grey and Moda distributes it. It's beautiful fabric, I love it. I picked these up at my favorite shop: Hollyhill Quilt Shoppe in West Linn. They do still have some if you would like to own the fabric.
Thank you Sinta and Sherri for planning this whole thing out, I can see it was a lot of work, but I sure do appreciate it! Be sure and visit their blogs to see the "parade" on September 1st.

So, I now have a huge pile of quilts to work on. Several need to be quilted (they are already basted!) one needs the binding sewed down, other quilt tops are cut and waiting to be pieced. Off I go!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Plan "C" and other quilt goodies

The Schnibbles a month is winding to a close. I’ve made 1 every month for the past 11 months, that is a lot of little quilts! The final month you get a choice between the patterns “Short Story” and “Plan C” It so happens I’ve already made “Short Story” awhile ago, long before the monthly quilts were being made. I was waffling on not making another quilt since I’d already made one. Then I thought that wouldn’t be right because everybody else if making one, and I haven’t made the “Plan C” quilt yet anyway. And I love starting new quilts… so there you go.

The fabric I chose is Eva by Basic Grey. I had two pretty charm packs in my stash for awhile, and I started cutting it out last night. Purple, Pink and Green, all very pretty and something I normally wouldn’t choose, but since these Schnibbles are so small, it’s fun to try new things. Let’s see if I can get this done in time.
My sister was here for two weeks. We played hard, and went everywhere, but at night when our kids were sound asleep we sewed quite a bit. Nikki tries to sew, but it’s hard for her with a one year old running around! She is making a braid quilt with a jelly roll she purchased last time she was here (in March). She got all of her braids done last night, yay!
She is using the pattern from this book. I love this book, a lot. Have I made anything from it yet? Nope. Have my friends borrowed my book and made quilts from it? Yes, and lots of them. Oh well, I’ll eventually cut into one of my pretty jelly rolls!
I got really lucky last month with the Schnibbles parade, I won the $50 gift certificate from The Fat Quarter Shop. I was in shock! Here is what I bought with the gift card... ooooh pretty fabric! What to make next...

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Shores of Hawk Run Hollow Framed and Hung

Finally! I went and got my finished Shores of Hawk Run Hollow framed, woohoo! So, I went to Joann's to look into getting it framed. When we measured it we realized it could fit into a standard size frame (18" x 24") That saved me a bizillion dollars getting it framed. I didn't find a frame at Joann's I liked however. After going to the always awesome Craft Warehouse, I found a great frame for it. They even stretched it and mounted it in the frame for me for a fee of $23.00. How can you beat that? I was so excited.
I went back on forth between a black and white frame. I finally settled on black, it'll be in "style" forever, and the blocks are all framed in black.
I hung it in my living room, since I've got the beach theme going on. It matches perfect, I am so happy with how it turned out. Who else has finished their Hawk Run Hollow projects? They are awesome :D

Friday, August 06, 2010

Some Answers To Your Questions

August is here, it’s summery, warm, perfect weather outside. I haven’t been doing much of anything sewing related, other than petting my fabric the past week. My sister is in town visiting us for a few weeks again. It is so fun having my sister around!

Since I really don’t have much to show you guys, I thought I’d answer some questions that have been brought up in the comments lately. I haven’t been able to answer them directly because there is no email address to reply. If you have a question for me, please leave an email address so I can get back to you :)

So, when I made Vonna’s Project Bag recently, I was asked if I’d be interested in being hired out to do this for others? Of course I would! If you have lovely cross stitching sitting unfinished and want it made into a bag, email me and we’ll work on a price for making it. Here are a few I've made. Another question was about the quilt I made for Curren’s bed. What pattern is it? The book is called: Sew Simple Quilts by Pamela Mostek. This is a great book, it has several simple patterns that have a big visual impact. I’ve made two quilts out of it, and have liked the book.
Robin in Virginia asked about my Pink and Green quilt. “Your pink and green quilt is precious! What pattern did you use or did you create one?” I have seen many quilts like this and just made blocks in the size I liked. You can find a free tutorial at Cluck Cluck Sew for a similar quilt, here is the link for it: Orange Quilt Dimensions
If any of you have question for me, my email is: oregonsurfers@gmail.com
I’d be happy to answer! Thanks for visiting my blog, you all inspire me! Have a fabulous weekend.